Find the P- value for the hypothesis test with the standardized test statistic z. Decide whether to reject H 0 for the level of significance α. Two- tailed test z = - 1.63 α = 0.05 A. 0.9484; fail to reject H0 B. 0.1032; fail to reject H0 C. 0.0516; fail to reject H0 D. 0.0516; reject H0

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option B) 0.1032; fail to reject [tex]H_0[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:We are given the following information in the question:We used two tailed z-test to perform the hypothesis.[tex]z_{\text{stat}} = -1.63[/tex]Level of significance, α = 0.05We have to calculate the p-value.We calculate the p-value from the normal standard z-table.p-value =  0.1032Since, p-value > Level of significanceWe fail to reject the null hypothesis and accept it.Option B) 0.1032; fail to reject null hypothesis