Jolon used the slope-intercept form to write the equation of a line with slope 3 that passes through the point (5, –2). His work is shown below. Step 1: -2=3(5)+bStep 2: -2=15+bStep 3: -2+15=15+15+bStep 4: -13=bStep 5: y=3x - 13Analyze the steps. In which step did the Jolon make an error? A. He switched the x- and y- values in step 1. B. He multiplied incorrectly in step 2. C. He added 15 to both sides in step 3. D. He forgot to add the b-value in step 5.PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accepted Solution

He made a mistake at step 3. He should subtract 15 from both side instead of adding 15 to both side.

Answer: C