LaTanya leaves her house at 12:30pm and bikes at 12 mi/h to marta’s House she stays at marta’s House for 90mij both girls walk back to laTanya’s house at 2.3mi/h . They arrive at LaTanya house at 3:30pm how far is marat’s house from laTanya house

Accepted Solution

Answer:2.9 mi Step-by-step explanation:The time difference t between 12.30pm and 3.30pm is 3h.Let the distance to Marat's house be s. The equation to calculate velocity v is given by:v = distance / time.Now you can write an equation for the time difference t and use the two velocities and the 90 min(= 1.5h) she stays:3 = s/12 + 1.5 + s/2.3 Solve this equation for s:(1/12 + 10/23)* s = 1.5s = 2.9