Mixed Chocolates Michael and Kevin want to buy chocolates. They can’t agree on whether they want chocolate– covered almonds, chocolate-covered peanuts, or chocolate- covered raisins. They agree to create a mix. They bought 4 pounds of chocolate-covered almonds at $3.50 per pound, 3 pounds of chocolate-covered peanuts for $2.75 per pound, and 2 pounds of chocolate-covered raisins for $2.25 per pound. Determine the cost per pound of the mix.

Accepted Solution

Answer:$2.97 per poundStep-by-step explanation:First we have to determine the total cost of their purchase, consequently it is as follows:Almonds:4 x $3.50 = $14Peanuts: 3 x $2.75  =$8.25Raisins:   2 x $2.25 =$4.5                   TOTAL  =$26.75We also determine the total pounds of nuts as 4+3+2 = 9Finally we divide the total cost between the total pounds, and we get:Cost per pound of mix = $26.75/9 pounds = $2.97 per pound