Earn money by Fansofy referral link


Referral Programs

Fansofy brings forth a feature where the creator can earn by giving referrals. An existing creator refers to a creator by sending a referral link generated while signing up. And this link can be shared with multiple creators and has lifetime validity. You may share it with various creators, friends, and people you’ve been working with on projects that you think might be interesting and a good fit for our platform. Hence, a referral link is a must to unite to our Fansofly Club!

Here’s a creator ‘A’ who gives a referral ‘B.’ Then ‘A’ earns 5% of ‘B’s earning at Level 1. After joining the Fansofy fam, if ‘B’ gives a new referral, ‘C.’ Now ‘B’ would be earning 5% of ‘C’s earnings. In addition, ‘A’ would earn 2% of ‘C’s earnings at Level 2.

How does it works?

Fansofy enables creators to earn via referrals. Earnings through referrals? Seems fascinating? Yes! You’re hearing it right! You can earn money through this referral program; The creator who brings the referrals takes home the earnings whenever refers to fellow creators. Let’s say you’re a creator who has given ten referrals, Level 1. These referrals, who are now in the fansofly club, earn around $10,000. Therefore, as a creator, you will get an opportunity to earn 5% of $10,000 , i.e. $500. Hence, Fansofy, along with other features, give the creator another way to earn through a referral program.

These earnings don’t end here! Further, those referrals gave another ten new referrals each, Level 2. Earnings of these referrals who are now part of Fansofly Club, turned out to be $100,000. Hence, you will get to grab 2% of $100,000 , i.e. $2000. Surprisingly! the total earnings just from the referral program are $2500. Establishing it among the top refer and earn apps in 2022. In fact, you’re earning more than what you pay for the subscription fee. That’s what makes it the best referral program offered so far!

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